The Challenge of being an entrepeneur


The Real Academia Espa√Īola (Royal Spanish Academy, the organization specialized in Spanish grammar, vocabulary‚Ķ) defines entrepreneur as:

‚ÄúThe person who undertakes, with resolution, difficult or hazardous ventures‚ÄĚ

Símbolos Entretrain-41



As its definition says the fact of undertaking bears some terms as difficulty and hazard with it. Therefore, it is necessary that, before making the determination to undertake a new business, we stop to think about some aspects such as the advantages and disadvantages of creating your own enterprise.





Advantages of being self-employed


×       Development of creativity

×       Professional development

×       Personal development

×       Social recognition

×       Autonomy and independence at work

×       Possible timetable flexibility

×       No limit in the income level


Disadvantages of being self-employed


*      Lack of pre-determined salary level

*      Lack of timetables

*      Need of high dedication and involvement

*      Time and money investment without guarantee of success.