Símbolos Entretrain-29Perform MIND MAPS individually and / or in group, about projects, problems… allowing the individuals and the organisation the possibility to combine and multiply their personal creative capacities.




In our daily professional life we assimilate information in a peculiar manner, depending on the person. Due to this peculiarity, we all have our own particular knowledge and perspective. Therefore, it is good to collaborate with other people when solving problems or facing challenges. When combining our knowledge in the individual mind map with another one, we favour links that we have to establish ourselves with the others’.


During a ‚Äúbrainstorming‚ÄĚ operation performed in group, the Mind Map becomes the external evidence of the group CONSENSUS and, subsequently, it becomes a GROUP register or MEMORY.


Advantages of this way of working:


1.-    Way of thinking that is inherent to the human brain work (also called neuronal maps)

2.-    The individual and the group are emphasized, thus achieving personal development in the first and cohesion in the second case.

3.-    The group takes advantage of the individual contributions and the individual capacity is also increased to continue contributing to the group (virtuous loop)

4.-¬†¬†¬† This way of working might generate more useful and creative ideas than the conventional ‚Äúbrainstorming‚ÄĚ methods.

5.-¬†¬†¬† The team ‚Äúspirit‚ÄĚ is strengthened.

6.-¬†¬†¬† The ‚Äúconsensus‚ÄĚ that arises in the group is felt as something of our own.

7.-    The resulting mind map will act as a copy of the group memory.

8.-    It is a tool for each person’s personal and professional evolution (they are empowered, people count on them and they learn continuously).