Welcome to ENTRETRAIN project entrepreneur skills game.

Just by playing, you will be able to understand the keys required to set up your own business. Try your knowledge and take profit of the resources ENTRETRAIN offers you to improve your qualifications.

The objective of this game is to introduce you into the basic necessary principles to create and manage your own company, as well as to improve your skills as a potential entrepreneur.

The game is grounded on the creation and management of a DJ company, which involves considering typical-business aspects, such as marketing, negotiation, stock control, cash flows; and certain skills in the mix of music tracks specially created for this game. Do not worry if you go bankrupt quickly, we often learn more from mistakes than from success.

Before starting playing, in the section “Office” you will find the Manual with the game instructions, as well as other documents you can find useful. Please, read the whole manual before starting playing, as it includes suggestions and advice that will help improving the final result.

To start playing, click “Start game” and a window will pop up asking to introduce a name of the game and a password. When you quit the game, it gets saved in this equipment and it can be continued at any time, using the same name and password. The chosen name and password will only be valid in the equipment they have been introduced. Of course, you can start a new game from any equipment.

We hope this game will help you develop your entrepreneur potential and, why not, create your own company. Good luck!

Nicholas Burroughs, from The Noun Project