Field of application


It might be used, for example, in the following areas:Símbolos Entretrain-01

1.-   Problem solving and evaluation,

2.-   New projects,

3.-   Decision making,

4.-   Exploitation of creative possibilities in a subject

5.-   Training


It is necessary that those who are going to take part in an innovation team receive the suitable basic training.






Computing software: Freemind (free software), Mind Manager, Mindjet, Inspiration, …

Others: meeting room, stationery (post-it, markers, big sheets of paper…)



0.- Creation of the innovation team


Two kinds of teams might be created:

-       Permanent: they usually coincide with the natural team.

-       Ad hoc: to solve a specific problem, a particular project, when interdisciplinary people are required, etc.


Its creation will be responsibility of the company manager or the managers of each department.


1.- Calling for work and topic definition

The team will be called for a working session by the company coordinator or manager, or the department manager, or by personal initiative or by any member of the team.

 The topic that is going to be treated is clearly and concisely defined, the objectives are set and the team members will be given all the information that could be relevant for their deliberations.


2.- Basic Mind Map: individual ‚Äúbrainstorming‚ÄĚ

Each team member, individually should spend at least 20 minutes drawing a mind map where we can see the main branches (‚ÄúBasic Organizing Ideas‚ÄĚ ‚Äď BOI), which will radiate from the main core. They should be from 3 to 8. Next, think about the links and hierarchies coming from them. Let the ideas flow as quickly as possible, establishing a chain of associations.

The nonsense ideas, if there are any, should also be respected as they might be the key for new ways of thinking and creativity should never be restricted.


3.- Idea analysis and exchange

On a big sheet of paper, stuck on the wall, blackboard… the Basic Organizing Ideas or each participant’s main branches should be LISTED, then, they should be GROUPED in several categories, maintaining an acceptance attitude, looking for consensus.

Once these main branches have been agreed, the sub-branches are added jointly in the map until a joint and reviewed Mind Map is created.

If one of the sub-branches is too wide, a new neural map could be considered, and subject to a new analysis. From one initial idea or project, new interesting projects might arise.

The questions and ideas with doubts also have place in the neuronal map.

Even the ‚Äúimpossible‚ÄĚ have place.


4.- Delivery of results or determining the person in charge of the implementatio

A photograph will be taken from the resulting mind map and it will be sent to the person in charge of the project and to all the people that are going to be involved in it. They might work with the resulting mural, or make pieces of it and hand them to each involved party, if necessary.