Creativity and entrepreneurship

It is not enough to perform a “brainstorming” or to reward the one who contributes an original idea. It is not, either, only a matter of volunteering or being well intentioned. Símbolos Entretrain-02Method is also required. Creativity arises when we decide to develop it on purpose and we know how to do it with specific strategies.



Establish the creative objectives. In this case, it can be rethinking the business idea, its challenges, some problems that might arise…



Establish the number of participants. The maximum advisable are 7 people.



Present the issue that is going to be the object of the creativity session and clarify the doubts. It can be written in a sentence that does not create confusion or ambiguity: “we want some new ideas about, or for….”



Explain the rules for the session operation and the roles (facilitator, writer…)


There are many interesting and effective creativity techniques, but as we have to choose one of them, we suggest that of Mind Maps, developed basically by Tony Buzan, due to its simplicity, versatility, its use individually or in group and proven effectiveness.