Basic rules to do mind maps


 Símbolos Entretrain-10

1.- Use ‚Äúemphasis‚ÄĚ, which consists of:


.-  FOCUS: Use a central image or a three-dimensioned or framed word, which outstands and  forces us to pay attention to the object of the analysis.

.- Change the fonts, the lines, the images…SIZE

.- Use COLOURS: they stimulate the memory and creativity.

.- Organise the SPACE properly

.- Try to use CODES, SYMBOLS…

.- To emphasize an idea, you can use CLOUDS or frames

.- To link ideas from different branches, use BROKEN LINES



2.- Use ‚Äúassociation‚ÄĚ, which consists of:


Once the central image or core word has been set and the BOI (main branches) have been agreed, the association power allows the brain to have access to the core of each topic. Do not forget that associative ability is endless.


3.- Express clearly


.- Do not use more than one key word per line.

.-Write all the words in print letter

.- Write the key words on the lines

.- The line length should be the same as that of the words

.- The central lines should be thicker or with organic shape

.- The paper should be in horizontal position

.- Write the print letters as vertically as possible.





1.-    Add blank lines: this will be a challenge for the brain, which will be encouraged to complete what has been left unfinished, resorting to its endless association ability.

2.-    Make questions: when you make the suitable questions, the brain gets prepared to give an unblocking answer.

3.-    Add images: it increases the possibilities to create new associations

4.-    Be alert, and remember the endless association ability of human brain.




The room should be wide, well ventilated, with natural light, furnished without ostentation, but comfortable. If there are any decorative elements, they should be simple not to attract attention and disperse interest. It should have good acoustics to favour communication.

The coordinator is in charge of placing the tables, where there should be paper, post-it, pencils, colour markers and of course, a big piece of paper fixed on the wall.




1st .- There are no leaders in the team: all the members contribute ideas individually developed.

2nd .-  The coordinator figure is necessary, with the following roles:

-       Determine the reasonable number of monthly topics the innovation team should analyse (it will depend on the number of requests and on the importance of the strategy)

-       Call the team. See form 2.

-       The coordinator points the participants’ place at the table and welcome them; he/she recalls the object of the meeting, making a review of the process basic rules and, if necessary, what he/she considers as necessary for the correct evolution of the process:


  • Establish an order for the interventions without restricting participation, encouraging it
  • Estimated times (depending on the relevance of the topic). The standard should not last longer than one hour.
  • ‚ÄúWriter person‚ÄĚ